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A community for the students, by the students who believe in progress.

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Our goal is to help the leaders of tomorrow learn to succeed today.  We take great pride in providing quality help.

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The tutors at Academic Boosters work as a team to exceed each of your expectations. All student tutors who are a part of Academic Boosters are students with exceptional grades throughout the years.

Meet The Team

Co-Founder & Psychology Tutor

Hello! My name is Minal Edwards, a Year 13 student of Dubai Scholars and I’ll be your Psychology tutor. I am a certified Teen Mental Heath First Aider from The Lighthouse Arabia, the leading mental health and emotional wellbeing clinic in the region. Having earned straight A*s in my IGCSEs I understand the pressure and anxiety that goes into preparing for them. I will work with you to customize learning strategies that will enable you to move ahead swiftly and confidently in your learning journey.

Co-Founder & Business Tutor

Hey everyone, my name is Naavya and I will be tutoring business! I’m enthralled to be co-heading academic boosters. I believe business is a worldly subject that’s found everywhere and its dynamic nature cannot be compacted into any textbooks. In my free time, I work an online youth platform, write about multifaceted topics on my website and dance in front of my cat! As an avid enthusiast, I hope to impart my interest, skills and techniques to my peers. Cheers! 

Co-Founder, Head Of Technology & Physics Tutor

Hey there! my name is Mohit Bhagchandani and I’m the Head of Technology, the domain manager and also one of the physics tutors. I Believe in learning by example, coding, ethical hacking and artificial intelligence are few activities I enjoy and I’m open to any kind of queries on those topics too! After achieving straight As and A*s in my IGCSEs I decided that I want to give back to the community I belonged to. Thus, today, here we are, I hope that I’m of great help and I will go above and beyond to ensure that you get perfect IGCSE grades.

Physics Tutor

Hey guys! I will be a physics tutor. I got a 9 in the boards for physics and am more than happy to help all students earn it too. I’m open to all sorts of doubts and questions and am willing to help you develop a better understanding & resolving them together. 

Maths Tutor

Hey there! My name is Leon Faria, currently studying in Year 13 at Dubai Scholars, and I will be teaching Math. My hobbies include gaming, playing the bass guitar, and coding. I achieved A’s and A*s in my IGCSEs, and I’m sure you possess the capability to do so too! I look forward to working with you to help you achieve your goals! 

Maths Tutor

Hi, my name is Vinay Nankani currently studying in year 13. I will be your math tutor this year. Numbers have always fascinated me from my childhood. I relish the challenge of problem-solving that mathematics provides and that’s what developed my interest towards it as I grew. Now it never feels like a subject for me, it’s my hobby. And as a tutor, my ultimate goal is to make you develop interest and change your approach to math.

English Tutor

Hello there! My name is Megan D’Souza, a student of Year 13 and I am
thoroughly ecstatic to be able to tutor English. To me, language is an
unspoken art … it’s certainly a form of expression. I am certain with the
right techniques, any obstacles can be cleared easily. In my free time, I
usually compose poems and songs or even practice my violin. I like to
brush up on etymology every now and then too. Furthermore, I am
enthusiastic to mention that I am Co-Creator of an Instagram Account
called psych_survival_guide. Here we aim to share and impart our love
and knowledge for Psychology. I am eager to be able to aid and create
different strategies leading to your confidence in the comprehension of
the English language!

Psychology Tutor

Hello! my name is Sophia from year 13 and I’ll be guiding you through learning Psychology. The world of Psychology is truly limitless. The human psyche is unbounded and gives more and more for Psychology to dig deeper into. That’s what sparked an interest to me; Psychology speaks for everyone where anyone can find a reason for their emotions and behaviours. I’ve gained experience by being a certified Teen Mental Health First Aider, I will ensure that we work together to understand and apply all the required concepts through personalised techniques and, hopefully, develop a liking toward the subject!

Social Media Manager

Hi everyone! My name is Zahra Riyas, Vice President of the Sixth Form, Social Media Manager and fellow friend here to assist you through our program. Our team here at academic boosters welcomes you with open arms and have United a lineup of smart, approachable and committed tutors to help you pursue your grades to the best of your abilities. As an A’s and A*s student in IGCSE’s myself, I first hand recognize the hardships and longing for good grades and so this program runs for your benefit and our team wishes to see you prosper. Salut!

EVM Tutor

Hey everyone! My name is Rhea Bhat I am currently a Year 13 student and I
will be tutoring Environmental Management (EVM). For my IGCSE’S I took
immense interest in the subject as I have always firmly believed and continue to
do so that it is a vital subject that raises awareness about and connects us to
the world we depend on. EVM is a scoring subject based on logic and simple
concepts. I hope to work with you and personalize teaching methods and
resources to meet each of your diverse needs. Furthermore, I am delighted to
say that I am co-creator of psych_survival_guide- an Instagram page looking to
teach people about different concepts in psychology.

Accounts Tutor

Hey there, my name is Himesh Pesswani, and I’m in grade 13. My current subjects are accounts, economics and mathematics, and I will be teaching accountancy. This is my 5th year with accounts, and I’ll be honest its a straightforward and easy subject; you just have to get your basics right. I still have the worksheets and notes from the past years, which I will share with you guys, and I will make sure you guys understand each topic properly. So, I will be more than happy to help, and for any doubts/inquiries, you guys can email me anytime you want. Good luck! 

French Tutor

Salut à tous (Hello everyone), I’m Mikhaila Shenoy of Year 13 and I’m the Academic Boosters’ tutor for French.
Having been in this school for 14 years (and 1 more to go), I can proudly say that I have contributed to
the success of the school and its lovely students, whenever possible. I was a good student throughout
my high school years, and French was one of my best subjects. I’m an avid learner of languages and I
love to communicate and express myself. Hence, learning languages has always been easy and fun! I
would love to share my knowledge in this subject to those that require it and this practice will also help
me maintain my grasp, perhaps even improve my skills, of the language. A win-win situation for all…now, who doesn’t like that?
Merci et Bonne Chance!

Biology Tutor

Hey! I’m Ananya Santu Rupani and I will be your Biology tutor! I take an earnest interest in the sciences. In my opinion, science is not only a subject but the root to a logical and rational reasoning to every single phenomenon in the world. I believe having a strong work ethic and a percipient plan is the path to a successful result. Having tutored students for the past three consecutive years, I hope with my experience and my passion for this subject, I will be able to build a sturdy foundation for you and help you achieve your goals!

Hindi Tutor

आप सभी को मेरी ओर से नमस्कार, I’m Isha and will be your tutor for Hindi! This particular subject does not demand word to word answers and gave me the opportunity to play with words and the liberty to speak my mind out in various ways like essays, letter writing and etc. Hindi as a subject also gave me a chance to excel without putting to much pressure. I have always scored well in this particular subject and as a tutor, my aim is to dedicate my peers the skills, interests and most importantly my time to make a significant difference in the subject and ensure good grades which will also help me continue to learn about my passion more and guide my peers even better! शुक्रिया, आप  सभी को मेरी और से शुभकामनायें (Thank you, best wishes to my peers)

Chemistry Tutor

Hey! My name is Salman Tabani and I’m a student of year 13. In my free time, I do an array of different hobbies but art has to be my favourite. As an avid learner, I’ve been told by my peers that I’m a great teacher while we tackled tough topics, I decided to share my experience and ability to teach more learners. Therefore, in this journey of learning and teaching, I will be aiding you with chemistry.

Video Editor

Hi! My name is Taha Khapra and I am the video editor. Making videos has been a prominent hobby of mine and I am thrilled to be able to help students with their studies while also pursuing my passion. 

Economics Tutor

Hey, I’m Clint D’Souza from Year 13, and I’ll be tutoring students in Economics. Studying for IGCSE’s is an uphill battle and I very well know the pressure that comes with it. Having received an A* in Economics I feel completely qualified to help those in need and to better their understanding of micro and macroeconomic concepts. I will strive to ensure that my students fulfil their potential by giving them a helping hand every step of the way through this vast, intriguing subject.


My name is Zainab Aliasgher and I’m the Secretary of the Academic Boosters programme. I will be tabulating all hours on excel in order to quantify the time and effort put by each tutor. I honestly think that this programme could be helpful to many students and our main goal is to instil confidence and hope in the students; fuel their enthusiasm and inspire them to lay the foundation for a brighter future!