Volunteering Opportunities

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Tech Soup

TechSoup provides organizations, foundations, and charities with technology resources. It also offers help and expertise through its volunteers, who devote time to share tech tips and advice with these organizations. So, if you’re on the tech-savvy side, this is an awesome way to use your IT expertise for good. As an online volunteer, you can offer your services by writing for TechSoup’s blog or by spending some time answering tech-related questions on TechSoup’s online forums to help NGOs.



Zooniverse is a popular platform for people-powered research. Here, volunteers help researchers by participating in research projects, spanning from arts and history to physics and literature to space and social sciences, and beyond. There are various roles you could take on as a volunteer for Zooniverse. For example, you could help classify data in order to help science researchers, partake as a beta tester checking for potential bugs and other issues within a project before its launch, or volunteer as a project moderator acting as a point of contact for specific projects!


United Nations Volunteers (age requirement)

The United Nations Volunteers program offers countless of online volunteering opportunities across the world. Like the rest of the UN’s efforts, this program strives to boost sustainable human development. Finding an opportunity that fits your interests on the UNV website is simple but there is an age requirement. Start by selecting a sector you’d like to work in, such as translation or teaching, and then navigate through the various opportunities that come up to find something that suits you.


Distributed Proofreaders 

Distributed Proofreaders convert public domain books into eBooks with the help of volunteers. If you have an eye for detail and you’re passionate about preserving literary history, this could be a great way to volunteer your time. The process is simple: you’ll compare a scanned image to an OCR text, proofread and send it back to the site once you’re done. There’s no commitment, either: you can volunteer as much or little as you’d like!



If you want to use your professional skills for good, Catchafire helps you connect with non-profits in need of your expertise and contribute to meaningful projects and initiatives. Even if you’re short on time, you can still volunteer through their one-hour phone call option, where you can consult, offer vital advice, and brainstorm with a non-profit. The website is updated frequently and they connect directly with nonprofits to make a difference.


Amnesty Decoders

Amnesty Decoders is an international community of online volunteers that helps with the investigation of human rights violations. All you need is a trusty computer or smartphone which you can use to examine images, documents, and other information. As a volunteer, you can join several ongoing projects through Amnesty Decoders’ site and help Amnesty International uncover relevant data and further their efforts for fair human rights.


Learning Ally

If you’re passionate about education, you can help Learning Ally support students with learning difficulties such as dyslexia and visual impairment. The organization produces audiobook versions of curriculum-aligned textbooks and literature, helping learners stay engaged and independent. You can get involved in one of three ways: record new audiobooks as a narrator; offer feedback to narrators regarding fluency, tone, and pronunciation as a listener; or work in quality assurance and ensure there are no interferences within the recording.


Volunteer with GVI

GVI is an award-winning organization that focuses on high-impact and high-quality conservation and community development programs. They have added a new portal with links to various online volunteering opportunities(both long and short term)

YLAC- Young Leaders Active Citizenship

Young Leaders Active Citizenship is an organization based in India and do offer physical programs in Dubai,UAE that aims to increase the participation of young students in the policymaking process and enhance their ability to lead change.The projects and campaigns offer students an opportunity to learn the skill of advocating change in society and the chance to exercise their critical analytical and leadership skills. Students have the opportunity to work with YLAC and their partners like Oxfam India.


InvestIN is a London based organization that provides students with internships offering an immersive experience of their dream career before they start university. They have programmes which take place both in-person in different cities and online. It teaches concepts a student must know about the profession that can only be understood in a live, collaborative environment. It gives students the opportunity to meet high-ranking professionals.



Jaggo is an Indian based NGO. The objective of this organization is to build a sense of awareness in supporting the helpless individuals and communities who are impacted by various events in life. They work towards building a positive environment through a digital application by building a network and establishing a personal connection with the victims and supporting organizations such as NGOs, Law & Administration and Media. Students can apply to become virtual members where they contribute 4-5 articles monthly to bring about awareness to critical issues our world faces.