Allowing you to connect with real-life leaders.

About The Webinars

At Academic Boosters, we believe in learning from people and leaders who have walked the walk and talked the talk. The team has set-up meetings with leading professionals from all around the world.

Rules & Regulations To Recieve Webinars

  • Students must be registered as part of the Academic Boosters program.
  • Students must be regular with scheduling tutors.
  • Students will receive a video of the interview with the professional.
  • Students can post the questions they want to ask on Academic Boosters’ Instagram Page.

Meet The Professionals

Sashidharan Menon

Group Head of Compliance and Corporate Governance, Bank of Sharjah. He is a leading banking professional with the ability to influence positive change in organizations. A specialist in Risk-Based Audit approach, Compliance, Anti-Money Laundering processes, and controls. His experience includes:
Former Director, Barclays Internal Audit.
Former VP in Corporate & Investment Banking in Deutsche Bank, London 

(More Professionals Will Be Introduced Shortly)